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I completed my Bachelor of Commerce degree at Concordia University in 1996, majoring in accounting. During my studies I joined the accounting firm Richter where I worked for 18 years within the Tax Department specializing in Estates and Trusts. I continued to specialize in this field for my whole career and have worked for large Canadian financial institutions such as Royal Bank of Canada and Scotiabank in their Wealth Management departments.


I have also completed the Canadian Securities Course and Taxation of Estates and Trusts with the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). In 2020, following several years of study with STEP Canada (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), I received my TEP Designation (Registered Tax and Estate Practitioner).  The program entailed in-depth study of trust law, taxation of trusts, estate administration and wealth planning.

I am passionate about this unique field and sincerely want to reach out and help as many people as I can. I want to provide an affordable service which is often out of reach of most individuals and estate liquidators. The sheer enormity and complexity of all the forms, requirements, laws and obligations can way heavy on everyone involved.  With my experience I can take a lot of the stress and pressure off of your shoulders. I spend a lot of my free time reading articles related to tax and estate administration to stay abreast of new information and I want to share this knowledge and passion with you.

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30 years Years of Professional Tax and Estate Experience


The practice of preparing tax returns is so much more than just filling in the boxes and completing tax forms. It takes years of practice and study to acquire an in-depth knowledge of tax law. At TandemTax, I will provide you with meticulously prepared income tax returns for individuals, the self-employed, investors, deceased individuals and more. Extra effort will be made to ensure tax credits and deductions to which you are entitled are accounted for.

I can help  both the large and the more casual investors get organized to keep track of the ACB’s of investments to ensure capital gains and losses are accurately recorded in the future.

For Entrepreneurs, Landlords and other sole-proprietors, I can help you accurately compile and report your income on a monthly basis, or frequency of your choice.  My Quickbooks bookkeeping services will keep your records organized, up-to-date and ready for tax reporting.

Please check my Resources section for my comprehensive checklist to facilitate organizing for your personal tax filing.




Terminal income tax returns are by far much more complicated than a regular personal income tax return. The data is not entered directly into the tax return from the tax slips received from the various financial institutions, but rather compiled from monthly bank and investment statements from January 1st to date of death. Other matters to consider are whether assets such as stocks, bonds, home, cottage, RRIF, etc can be rolled over at ACB to a surviving spouse or whether the assets will be deemed disposed at their value as at date of death. The instructions in the deceased's will must be strictly followed in determining how the assets can be deemed disposed in the terminal tax return. There are occasionally post-mortem tax planning opportunities to be considered as well. For example, a post-mortem spousal RRSP contribution. In addition to the Terminal Tax Return, up to three optional returns may be filed depending on the taxpayer's sources of the income. For example, in the most common optional return, Rights and Things, we can report certain pension income for the month of death and dividends earned but not received. These optional returns provide access to additional non-refundable tax credits, thereby reducing the overall tax bill. 

We have the experience, and we understand how daunting the taxes may be, especially during the difficult time of grieving your loved one.


As the legal representative (liquidator/executor), you have many administrative, legal and tax responsibilities that need to be complied with in order to avoid personal liability. I can help you navigate these responsibilities so that you can meet your tax filing, legal, clearance certificate and beneficiary responsibilities. We are also readily available to assist or guide you through the lengthy and complicated administrative duties you will have to complete.


The T3-TP646 returns for the Estate must be filed within 90 days of the year-end of the Estate.

Please check our Resources section for comprehensive checklists to facilitate the administration and tax filings of the Estate.


The Executor (Liquidator in Quebec) is responsible for providing a complete accounting of income and expenses to the beneficiaries. I can help compile the complete accounting records to keep track of assets and income (which beneficiaries have a right to ask for), prepare the Estate’s financial statements, prepare the federal and Quebec clearance certificate requests and assist you with the final distribution to the beneficiaries.

In addition, I can provide assistance to you with any aspect of the estate administration that you may need. Having administered hundreds of estates I can, for example, complete the will searches, write letters to financial institutions, cancel subscriptions and utilities, help you complete forms and declarations of transmission, act as a buffer between you and confrontational beneficiaries. Furthermore, I can assist you with the preparation of the Statement of Assets and Liabilities as at date of death.  This document is a valuable and essential tool for both the accounting records of the Estate and for both levels of government when requesting the clearance certificates.


In addition to the administrative duties and tax filing obligations, the executor (liquidator in Quebec) must also request a clearance certificate from both the Quebec and Federal Governments.  Without them, the liquidator could be personally responsible for unpaid taxes of the deceased. This is an essential final step that is unfortunately often overlooked.


The Quebec clearance form is filed early in the estate administration, once the inventory of the deceased is complete.  We would be glad to help you in compiling the inventory, preparing the Statement of Assets and Liabilities as at Date of Death and completing the MR-14 form for Revenu Quebec. It will take of couple of months for Revenu Quebec to verify, after which they will issue a partial clearance certificate representing the amount which the liquidator may, but is not obligated to, distribute to the beneficiaries. The final clearance certificate will be issued by Revenu Quebec once all the returns have been filed and assessed.


The Federal TX-19 Asking for a Clearance form is prepared at the very end of the estate administration once all of the assessments have been received for the terminal T1 tax returns and the T3 estate returns.


­✔  Knowledge – I have been preparing personal, estate and trust income tax returns for more that 25 years. This combined with my bachelor's degree, Registered Tax and Estate Practitioner (TEP) and continuing education means you have a knowledgeable professional working closely with you.

 Price Satisfaction – Our prices are fair, no hidden fees and  significantly lower than those charged by accounting firms and    financial institutions.

  Personal – I will take the time required to ensure your needs  are taken care of. You can reach out by phone or email and know that your questions will be answered rapidly. We will provide the care you would expect from someone handling your affairs.

  Reliability – I will work closely with you to ensure filing deadlines are diligently met.  Your telephone and email inquiries will be respected and professionally replied to.

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Below, you will find helpful forms and resources that serve as a complement to the services that we provide. Download them at your leisure, and don’t hesitate to let us know if any questions come to mind.




AUT-01       Authorize a Representative for Offline Access


MR-69-V     Authorization to Communicate Information or Power of Attorney



TX-19            Asking for a Clearance Certificate


MR-14.A-V   Notice Before Distribution of the Property of a Succession



HOW TO ...


  How electronically sign a document through our secure TaxFolder Portal (YouTube)

  How to upload documents to our secure TaxFolder Portal (YouTube) (maximum file size 100 MB)



  Canada Revenue Agency - direct deposit 

  Revenu Quebec - direct deposit

  Directeur de l'Etat Civil (order death certificates)

  Chambre des Notaires du Quebec (will search)

  Barreau du Quebec (will search)

  What to do in the Event of Death

Personal Income Tax Checklist and helpful forms

  2022 Personal Income Tax Checklist

  Self Employment Income Summary

  Automobile Expense Summary

  Employment Expense Summary

  Home Office Expense

  Rental Income Summary


💡 Tip for Viewing and Using Fillable PDFs - Save the form to your computer before completing it and then open it with Adobe Reader and fill it.


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